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PLANTaGLOBE is also actor of the sustainable energy projects.


Přejeme vám šťastný a úspěšný rok 2012.
We wish You a happy and prosperous 2012.
Les deseamos un feliz y próspero aňo 2012.
Nous vous souhaitons une bonne et heureuse année 2012.


PLANTaGLOBE products SYMBIVIT® and bio-fertilizer CONAVIT® are also used for plantations of poplars and the biomass is used for energy purposes


The Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Czech Republic in Prague together with Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic organized seminary named “Biotechnology and Environmental Technology in industry and trade sector” for interested business companies. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam offers interesting business opportunities and PLANTaGLOBE was one of the companies which were invited to visit this seminary.  


PLANTaGLOBE was one of companies invited to meeting of South African-Czech Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber together with South African Embassy in Prague and the agency CzechInvest organised meeting for potential Chamber members. The opening speech was hold by the Ambassador of South African Embassy in Prague, by Mrs. Celia Sandra Botha. Companies were informed about new Chamber structure, management and services. Prezident of the Chamber, Mr. Vilém Růžička, introduced also the plan for 2011 and further possible cooperation. PLANTaGLOBE was also presented as the Czech business company in section Success Stories.
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Přejeme vám šťastný a úspěšný rok 2011.
We wish You a happy and prosperous 2011.
Les deseamos un feliz y próspero aňo 2011.
Nous vous souhaitons une bonne et heureuse année 2011.


New Geranium (Pelargonium) plantation was established in South Africa (province Limpopo); cuttings were treated by PLANTaGLOBE mycorrhiza SYMBIVIT® and bio-fertilizer CONAVIT®. Effect of products was evaluated after 7 months. Treated plants were compared with non-treated plants and we have first results of chemical analysis of essential oils content in Geranium now.
For analyzing in laboratory condition was used hydrodistillation process. Content of essential oils in treated plants were 0.57% and in non-treated plants were 0.33% of dry mass.


Přejeme vám šťastný a úspěšný rok 2010.
We wish You a happy and prosperous 2010.
Les deseamos un feliz y próspero aňo 2010.
Nous vous souhaitons une bonne et heureuse année 2010.



PLANTaGLOBE products SYMBIVIT® and CONAVIT® were used by sugarcane fields establishment for bio-ethanol production in South Africa (province KwaZulu-Natal). Our specialist showed the correct technique and discussed potential difficulties in situ. We expect significantly higher survival rate and growth speed, better resistence against diseases and also higher content of sugar (i.e. brix).


PLANTaGLOBE tested a new composition of bio-fertilizer CONAVIT® and yield of CONAVIT® RAPID was higher by 134% (in case of CONAVIT® SLOW by 90%) than industrial fertilizer Cererit (zero level=control).
We tested two compositions of bio-fertilizer: with slow releasing and bio-fertilizer with rapid releasing of nutrients. The experiment was established with 140 plants of tomato in various types of soil. We studied starting of production of fruit (in time), taste of fruit, total yield per 1 tomato plant and content of nutrients in soil water flowing from plant pot and its electro conductivity. In case of bio-fertilizer CONAVIT® with rapid releasing was the total yield per 1 plant 394% of control (=without fertilizer), in case bio-fertilizer CONAVIT® with slow releasing 350% and industrial fertilizer Cererit reached the yield only 260% of control. The content of nitrogen in all variants of fertilizers was identical. Amount of nutrients in soil water flowing from plant pot was for slow releasing fertilizer only 3 times higher than control, for rapid and industrial fertilizer was about 10 times higher than control. The slow releasing bio-fertilizer CONAVIT® is coming to the market soon.


PLANTaGLOBE presented mycorrhiza and bio-fertilizer for Bio-fuel production. Good results with sugar cane allow us to recommend our products to bio-ethanol production. Exhibition: Power Generation World 2009, Johannesburg, South Africa, April 2009.


Seedlings of Sycamore maple (2 years old; 200 in each variant) were treated by PLANTaGLOBE products in spring 2008 on a mine reclamation locality in Czech Republic.
We have had first very good results after 5 months (1 growing period). In variant with SYMBIVIT® and ECTOVIT® (only mycorrhiza; in Figure marked MYCO) was the height increment compare to control (control=without treatment) higher by 38.9%. In second variant, SYMBIVIT® and ECTOVIT® plus fertilizer CONAVIT® (marked MYCO+FERT), was increment even higher: by 65.7%.


Přejeme vám šťastný a úspěšný rok 2009.
We wish You a happy and prosperous 2009.
Les deseamos un feliz y próspero aňo 2009.
Nous vous souhaitons une bonne et heureuse année 2009.

Created and added the section DOWNLOADS. Here you can download many information about mycorrhizal sensitive crops and appropriate PLANTaGLOBE products, their application, using and benefits. (only in english version) 

PLANTaGLOBE have obtained very good results in Pakistan. Our products SYMBIVIT® and CONAVIT® were tested and treated plants were compared with non treated plants.
Yield of onion red ball (Allium cepa) increased after 5 months by 20% for SYMBIVIT®, and by 32% for SYMBIVIT®+ CONAVIT®.
The height of sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) plants increased by 24% for SYMBIVIT®+ CONAVIT®, by 12% for only SYMBIVIT® (measured after 8 months) and the height of mandarin (Citrus reticulata) increased after 9 months by 17% for Kinnow variety and by 21% for Mosambi var. The root collar diameter of mandarin increased by 15% for Kinnow variety, by 12% for Feurtell's Early var. and by 29% for Mosambi var.

In the section For Final User/Practical Usage/ you can see new six video presentation from application of our mycorrhizal products (starring M. Kouba).

Created and added CROP INFO. Here you can find many information about benefits of using mycorrhiza. (only in english version)

You are welcome to participate at PLANTaGLOBE Workshops in the Republic of South Africa in week Aug 25 – Aug 29, 2008


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