The MISSION of PLANTaGLOBE is to develop, manufacture and market a high value added products in the area of sustainable production in agriculture, forestry and environment.


The VISION of PLANTaGLOBE is to be a preferred company in biotechnologies with particular focus on mycorrhiza and bio-fertilizers.


As a global and multinational company, PLANTaGLOBE builds a diverse TEAM of talented professionals which promotes interdisciplinarity as a baseline for new ideas to be developed to powerful technologies.
PLANTaGLOBE is part of company Symbio-m which manages a bank of fungi from all over the world. Fungi can be propagated at any time and used for very specific soil and climatic conditions. The production is under permanent quality control. Its aim is to guarantee maximum vitality of the mycorrhizal preparations in each product. Exceptional care is given to the homogeneity of biofertilizers as to the contents of declared nutrients and the release rate. There has been a continuous research going on within several EU scientific projects devoted to new species of microorganisms and focused on their effect on economic plants and enhancement of their application forms under field conditions.