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Two major types of mycorrhiza occur in Nature - endomycorrhiza (common in more than 80 % of terrestrial plant species) and ectomycorrhiza (specific to conifers and some broadleaved woody species).

Endomycorrhizal fungi develop mainly microscopic spores in the soil whereas most of ectomycorrhizal fungal symbionts develop aboveground fruit bodies (mushrooms) in the vicinity of trees.

A basic principle, however, is similar to all mycorrhizal plants. When new plant roots get in contact with the mycorrhizal inoculum the roots are colonised with fungal hyphae and after a few weeks the external mycelium network extends to the soil.



What are effects of Mycorrhizal Symbiosis on plant-soil system?

  • Increased efficacy of nutrient acquisition, plant growth, flower formation and crop yield.
  • Enhanced resistance to drought, environmental stress and some root pathogens.
  • Reduced plant mortality after transplantation.
  • Improved plant fitness in stressed environment.
  • Positive effects on soil aggregation and stability and soil water retention.



What are Advantages of Introducing Mycorrhiza?

  • A single treatment lasts for the whole plantís life!
  • Reduces fertilizer use, watering costs and plantation management costs.
  • It is compatible with commonly used herbicides and insecticides*;
  • Mycorrhizal plants exploit sources of nutrients in soils at maximum making it a sustainable approach of cultivation and production systems when using a minimum of agrochemicals.  


* Symbiosis development can only be inhibited by systemic fungicides (e.g. Benomyle).




What is a commercial value of established mycorrhiza?

  • Mycorrhizas are natural for healthy plants and are rare in disturbed, desertified and stressed environments. Thus, artificial inoculation with mycorrhizal fungi brings mycorrhiza to new planted plants and trees in such environments to help them in their establishment, growth and survival rate.
  • A plant or tree with mycorrhiza has higher capability to survive long-term.
  • This is a plant health insurance - one-time treatment that will grow with the plant.




What is erosion control mediated by functional mycorrhiza?

  • Mycelium of mycorrhizal fungi causes soil aggregation and stabilisation