The project PLANTaGLOBE® has developed a technological package – a project based on a practical and flexible approach in order to create a common team and develop a programme with the objective to establish a production unit for biotechnologies while consulting with the partner the local conditions for production. We will also seek possibilities of the production co-financing and further operation of the join venture.


We are seeking the following serious partners:

  • A mass plant grower

    - who is already using alternative approaches in plant growing, as organic fertilisers, and is seeking to implement new technologies

    - who has not been using biotechnologies until now and is seeking to improve the production
  • Another partner from governmental or non-governmental institutions focused on plant growing


PLANTaGLOBE® - Main Export Commodities:

  • Complete construction of a functional production unit
  • Implementation of the production of bioproducts for plant growing including mycorrhizal technology
  • Licensing of mycorrhizal technologies for up to 5 years including supply of a starting inoculum and continuous quality control of the produced bioproducts
  • Expert consulting within the application of bioproducts – adjustment of the cultivation schemes to the target conditions
  • Support of product marketing – expert consulting for secondary clients
  • Professional training of personnel




An implementation procedure of the project PLANTaGLOBE that leads to the establishment of a fully functional production unit and the use of products within 1-2 years

  • Finding a partner in the target country (mass plant growers, state institutions focused on plant growing management, distributors of related products - fertilisers, biological control in plant protection, companies focused on land reclamation, etc.)
  • Determination of potential market segments – basic division – forestry, horticulture, land reclamation, agriculture, hobby market (1 month)
  • Agreement on product testing in nurseries, in field plantations (3-6 months)
  • Agreement on the implementation of production, elaboration of a local business plan (1 month)
  • Agreement on project financing (2 months)
  • Finding local resources for the production (substrates for the cultivation of endomycorrhiza, components for the production of an organic fertiliser, personnel resources) (2 months)
  • Isolation of the native mycorrhizal fungi (3-6 months – can be initiated within the first phases of the project)
  • Construction of the production unit 1. phase – greenhouses (3 months), 2. phase – laboratories (2 months)
  • Supply of the starting doses of inoculum (min. 1L per target 30-50L)
  • Initiation and realization of the 1st production cycle (endomycorrhiza 4 months, ectomycorrhiza 2 months, fertiliser 1 month)
  • Product registration according to the requirements of the given country – registration required in some countries, in others not, in some countries registration is required including reference tests (0-6 months)
  • Marketing, application of products in reference tests, seeking other customers besides the partner’s production.

PLANTaGLOBE® - close cooperation with Symbio-m

Bioproducts are produced in close cooperation with the company Symbio-m ( which is a well-established company showing long-term success in the field of mycorrhizal biotechnology since 1999. The company is one of the founding members of the Federation of European Mycorrhizal Fungi Producers (