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Natural Mycorrhizal Product PG

Is an inoculating product improving growth and yield of the majority of plant species -, vegetables, fruits, garden and house plants, etc. SYMBIVIT® causes better seedling establishment and survival, increased plant growth, more frequent and earlier flowering and fruiting. SYMBIVIT® improves establishment of lawns, and sporting greens.

It is suitable for application in a nursery, agriculture, horticulture, etc. It is based on endomycorrhizal (arbuscular) fungi. It contains an inert carrier (mix of inert porous substrates sourced locally) with reproductive particles (spores, mycelium and colonised root fragments) of different strains of Glomus spp. isolated from a range of soils from various ecosystems. The package also contains a sachet with a powder gel.

Suitability For Plants

SYMBIVIT® is designed for inoculation of horticultural and agricultural crops and the majority of house plants (e.g. roses, cyclamens, verbenas, petunias), for vegetables (tomato, cucumber, onion, leak, garlic, etc.), fruits (pineapple, manog, strawberries, raspberries, apple trees, apricots, etc.), garden lawns and numerous other plants.

This product is not suitable for plants of families Brassicaceae, Chenopodiaceae, orchid and ericaceous plants. Also it is not suitable for conifers and some broadleaved trees – oak, beech, birch, etc. – for which the product Ectovit® was designed.



SYMBIVIT® can be applied in two ways:

  • SYMBIVIT® can be mixed directly in horticultural substrates, spread into the rooting zone of transplanted plants. In this case the gel component will not be used.
  • Bare roots or compact root balls can be dipped into the gel formed by mixing dry component with gel powder and 5-fold amount of water.

SYMBIVIT® can be mixed with ectomycorrhizal product ECTOVIT® for woody plant species, which form both (ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal) types of symbiosis (poplar, alder, linden, ash, willow etc.).

Note: Important warning! Avoid direct contact with systemic fungicides. Permanent waterlogging or over-fertilisation of the inoculated plants can damage mycorrhizal symbiosis.


Examples of Advantages of The Application

 Improved seedling growth of alder (Alnus glutinosa) inoculated with
SYMBIVIT® (left part) in comparison with non-inoculated plants.




More frequent and earlier flowering of Verbena sp. plants (below) in comparison with non-inoculated plants.