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Soil Moisture Retention Gel

PLANTASORB Gel is a gel that traps soil moisture
to preserve water in soil from precipitation or watering to be available for plants during dry periods. It allows to lower plant watering and economize cultivation. It is a granulated polymer, which can absorb manifold amounts of water related to its mass. After water absorption the preparation forms gel granules maintaining soil moisture, which is gradually released for a plant. The gel outlasts in soil for 5 and more years and has unlimited ability of repeated absorption and release of water according to demands of a root system.

Advantages Of Its Use:

  • Gel granules absorb 50-100 fold of water in comparison with their volume; gel releases up to 95 % of trapped soil moisture.
  • Your plants will survive better dry periods with less frequent watering. Application of soil conditioner extends the period between two consecutive watering at least three times.
  • It lowers plant mortality after replanting, improves rooting and growth.
  • It reduces stress from the water shortage.
  • It lowers cation leakage from roots to soil and Improves retention of nutrients available to the roots. It improves aeration of soils, substrates and composts and it lowers water loss caused by evaporation.
  • It is pH neutral, non-toxic, and it does not contaminate soil and/or ground waters. Its presence in the soil does not affect soil micro-organisms and does not increase soil salinity since it does not accumulate salts.


Bare root tree seedling covered with gel before transplanting


Gel particle supplies water to fine roots

It is suitable for any plant species and any cultivation substrate in agriculture, silviculture, horticulture, gardening, recultivation, turfs and greens maintenance, ornamental and house planting