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CONAVIT is ecological, long-term, slow release fertilizer composed of 100% natural components extracts of sea organisms (algae, etc.), natural humates, ground minerals and rocks, natural keratin. Its high calcium content predestines the fertilizer to be used particularly in acid soils or peat cultivation substrates.

Advantages of Its Use:

  • Fertilizer CONAVIT improves plant growth, flowering, yield and it supports development of beneficial soil micro-flora.
  • Due to its 100% natural composition with no synthetic compounds added, it is suitable for ecological and organic agriculture, for plant production in pharmaceutical industry.
  • High nutrient supply is gradually released into the soil over 3 years. It does not contaminate ground water and does not leave any harmful, toxic residua in soil.
  • In addition to high contents of macronutrients (N, P, K, Mg, Ca), the fertilizer CONAVIT contains a wide range of micro-elements essential for plant growth and development.
  • CONAVIT supports natural plant resistance against unfavourable environmental factors.
  • It is possible to combine the fertilizer with mycorrhizal preparations and with tools of biological plant protection based on the use of micro -organisms. 





Use of slow release fertilizer covers all nutrients demands in tree and flower production