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TOBACCO Nicotiana tabacum L. (SOLANACEAE)

Domesticated in Central and South America more than 2, 000 years ago. When the first Spanish explorers arrived they found that tobacco smoking was widespread among the local people.

Leaves are smoked, chewed or sniffed (as snuff) for their taste and fl avour, but particularly also for the stimulating and mildly narcotic effects of the alkaloid nicotine. Tobacco is grown in some 110 countries on a total of 4,5 million ha, Asia accounting for 58%, the Americas 21%, Europe 8%, Africa 7%, and West Asia and the Mediterranean area 5%. More than 90% of all tobacco is manufactured into cigarettes, special types of tobacco are used for the manufacturing of cigars, and pipe and snuff tobaccos.
Ecology and planting
Tobacco is cultivated under a wide range of climatic conditions, from Sweden (60°N) to New Zealand (40°S). Mean temperatures for optimum growth are 21-27°C, with lower and upper limits of 13°C and 37°C. Seedlings are ready for transplanting in the field 35-45 days after sowing, when 15-20 cm tall, with a rosette of 4-5 leaves. Tobacco is planted in the field at 45-55 cm within the row and 75-110 cm between rows, i.e. an average plant density is 18,000 - 25,000 per ha for most tobacco types. Flowering starts 50-60 days after transplanting and the first and lowest leaves are mature about 2 months after transplanting. Tobacco has an economic life span of about 5 months.
Mycorrhiza & Bio-fertilizers
Most of tobacco cultivation is done by preparation of small plants in multitrays and then manual transplanting of plants into the field. The most appropriate way to apply Symbivit® mycorrhiza is to inoculate at propagation stage. Inoculum equal to 5% volume of cultivation media is mixed into the substrate, filled into multitrays and the seeds are sown. After minimum 4 weeks plants are transplanted and treated at transplanting with 30 g of Conavit® biofertilizer. Two months after transplantation we can expect minimum 15% increase in height and 20% increase in total leaf biomass.
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