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Common Name: Muskmelon

Food and drink with high content of vitamins

Is edible fruit with high content of vitamins A, B, C, organic acids, minerals usually used in sweets, cocktails, salads, drinks. The ripe fruit can be eaten raw, whilst the immature fruits are cooked as a vegetable. Melons are highly diuretic bringing a benefit at treatment renal difficulty, can be used as a cooling light cleanser or skin moisturizer.
Ecology and planting
It is not clear whether they originated in Africa or Asia. Melons (Cucumis melo) are grouped into the general categories of muskmelons, true cantaloupes, and winter melons. It is possible to cross these three C. melo types and the resulting seeds will produce plants with characteristics of more than one group. Muskmelons are warm season vegetables and will not tolerate frost or soil temperatures below 13°C and require 80 to 120 days of warm, preferably dry weather to mature. Muskmelon could be seeded, but transplanting is preferred for early crops. The plants should be about three weeks old, with one to two true leaves at transplanting time; spacing of 0.6 meters between plants and 1.2 to 1.8 meters between rows.
Mycorrhiza & Bio-fertilizers
Cucumis belongs to plants with high dependency on mycorrhiza. Field application of mycorrhiza proved 12% increase in total yield. When combined with biofertilizer, additional increase up to 15-20% in yield may be expected. Plants should be more resistant to soil borne diseases and drought. Application of mycorrhizal inocula may be also carried out at nursery stage or at field planting. Mycorrhiza was also reported to be able to increase significantly the content of beneficial carotenes and sugars in fruits. In the field mycorrhiza increases stability of soils and helps conserve nutrients in the soil profile and contribute to erosion control of intensively used agricultural land. Complex effects of mycorrhiza treatment result in increased sustainability of the planting field.
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