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Commercial importance: Macadamia integrifolia and Macadamia tetraphylla

Delicious nuts used as food and for the production of oil for cosmetics

Macadamia nuts can be eaten raw, roasted and salted, coated in chocolate, in cakes, as butter, or as oil. Macadamia oil is the most mono-unsaturated oil with a reduction effect of cancer risk. It is a desirable ingredient in cosmetics, especially skincare. Australia is now the world's largest commercial producer - at approximately 40,000 tons of nut in shell per year. Commercial production is also established in Hawaii, South Africa, Brazil, California, Costa Rica, Israel, Kenya, Bolivia, New Zealand and Malawi.
Ecology and planting
Macadamias prefer fertile, well-drained soils, a rainfall of 1,000-2,000 mm, and temperatures not falling below 10 °C, with an optimum temperature of 25 °C, roughly the same climate suitable for growing coffee. M. tetraphylla appears to be slightly more cold-tolerant. Consistently high summer temperatures will reduce yields. After 3-4 years in the nursery environment the young tree is usually planted into the orchard. Most trees begin to bear at the age of 6-7 years, others at the age of 10-15. Trees propagated in a vegetative way bear earlier, but once established, may continue bearing for over 100 years. Yield records vary widely.
Mycorrhiza & Bio-fertilizers
As the majority of nuts also macadamia is a species dependent on mycorrhiza. Application may be done at nursery stage when plants are propagated or application of Symbivit® inoculum together with Conavit® biofertilizer may be performed at field planting by placing products into the planting hole. Long term effects can be expected for this species increasing sustainability of plantation and enhancement of yield about 10%. Mycorrhiza should reduce transplantation shock, decrease mortality at planting and support early growth of the tree. One season earlier fruiting of young trees may be expected. Old mature trees may be treated by injection when mycorrhiza and biofertilizer are retrofitted into the root zone in the 50 cm depth. The injection revitalizes the tree and supports increase in the yield.
Recommended products:
Symbivit: mycorrhizal product
Conavit: slow release fertlizer

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