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Dominate the tree flora of Australia. Many eucalyptus have been planted in various parts of the world including the dry regions of Southern California and in Africa, Portugal, Spain, South America, and on forestry plantations in India, China and South Africa.

It is particularly useful in domestic and industrial energy (fuel, charcoal) generation; it has a multitude of round timber uses as scaffolding, posts, piling and poles. It provides standard construction and furniture timber and railway sleepers. Eucalypt is a pulp wood raw material supply base. The bark finds use in tanning and dye industries. Leaf oil is an important product from several species and the flowers provide substantial honey nectar. Litter is an important organic fertilizer in rural China. Social forestry advantages often mentioned include fuel and round timber supply, and intercrop, edible fungi and cash crop opportunities.
Ecology and planting
Seeds are germinated in pots, in porous light sandy loam, covered with 2-3 mm of fine sand, Some species root better than others; sapling twigs with juvenile leaves tending to root better. In monoculture, it is commonly cultivated in short rotations of 3 years for biomass crops, to twice that or more for pulp and timber use. Spacing 2,000 trees per ha for biomass production coupled with early thinning (after 3 years) to reduce stocking to below 1,500 per ha; where larger sized output is a market requirement, initial spacing should be in the order of 1,000 trees per ha. Yields of firewood may run from 1-70 (-118) m3 per ha/year. In Kenya, the initial crop (E. grandis) reaches averages of ca 30 m3 per ha/year over the first 6 years.
Mycorrhiza & Bio-fertilizers
Eucalyptus is a tree dependent on mycorrhiza. Application may be done at nursery stage when plants are propagated or application of Symbivit® inoculum together with Conavit® biofertilizer may be performed at field planting by placing products into the planting hole. Long term effects can be expected for this species increasing sustainability of plantation and enhancement of yield about 15%. Mycorrhiza should reduce transplantation shock, decrease mortality at planting and support early growth of the tree.
Recommended products:
Symbivit: mycorrhizal product
Conavit: slow release fertlizer
Ectovit: mycorrhizal product

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