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An important fruit such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, and tangerines.

Citrus fruits are consumed fresh or utilized as processed citrus products and citrus by-products. Approximately one third of total citrus production is utilized for processing. This proportion is higher in the case of oranges (40% of globally produced oranges are utilized for processing). The proportion of grapefruit utilization for processing is similar to that of orange. In contrast, nearly all small citrus fruits of the tangerine type are intended for consumption on the fresh market. Lemons and limes are somehow different since they are normally consumed accompanying other food products. They are grown mainly for the fresh market and their juice is used primarily as flavouring in beverages.
Ecology and planting
Seeds have good germination rate, usually sown on a bed of sand or vermiculite and transplanted two or three weeks later, when the first true leaf is fully expanded. Seed germination is enhanced if part of the seed coat is removed. Four to five months later, the bigger seedlings are transplanted into larger pots until they are ready for grafting. The total growing time for the single transplanting procedure is 15 - 18 months. Double transplanting takes 20 - 24 months. The annual average temperature should range between 20°C and 28°C. A climate with low rainfall and plenty of sunshine is favourable for citrus trees. It promotes good flower differentiation, flower and fruit development, and fruit quality. Soils usually require application of compost and other organic fertilizers.
Mycorrhiza & Bio-fertilizers
Citruses are dependent on mycorrhiza. Application may be done at nursery stage when plants are propagated or application of Symbivit® inoculum together with Conavit® biofertilizer may be performed at fi eld planting by placing products into the planting hole. Long term effects can be expected for this species increasing sustainability of plantation and enhancement of yield about 15%. Mycorrhiza should reduce transplantation shock, decrease mortality at planting and support early growth of the tree.
Recommended products:
Symbivit: mycorrhizal product
Conavit: slow release fertlizer

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